Relationships can be been a windy road.


One of re-claiming who you are, resilience, and reinvention.


So…Why am I here? And more importantly…Why work with me?

I’m here to support you. I am committed that every woman is seen, heard, and acknowledged. For those of you who are healing your heart and committed to moving past the stops, then I’m your person. I’ve been there. Learned a lot along the way and am here to support you through the tough parts.  

It’s not easy to heal your heart and confront social molds. To be true to you and honor your relationships.

When I let go, I sit with ease. 
When I let go, I move forward with grace. 
When I let go, I am present. 
When I let go, I’m available to others. 
When I let go, I am all that I am. 
When I let go, I have strength without domination, I have humor without criticism, I have compassion without depletion. 
When I let go, I have complete access to my true self.